Beginner’s Guide To Bird Watching Experience

If you are a bird watching enthusiast, then you will concur that this is an experience like no other. No wonder all bird watchers keep some at home. If so, get some tips on how to keep one hier. It is not possible to get enough of studying the hundreds of birds species available. This is for the seasoned bird watchers. For the beginners, there is a lot in waiting! This is an experience you have missed for a long time, and this article will explain on how to go about it.

The guide

What is bird watching?

dfgfdgdfgsdfsfThe activity of going out in natural habitats to look for different types of birds is called bird watching. Such areas include the forests, savannahs or the desert just to mention but a few. The water bodies also provide an exotic scenery for bird watching. In most cases, these are guided tours especially now that beginners do not know much about the birds. Beginners can also rely on various reference materials while on tour to get more insights about the birds.

How to do bird watching

The best way to go about bird watching is through the use of experienced tour guide in your areas. They explain all the species of birds that you meet on the tour and their behavior which is very crucial. If guided tours are expensive, then the best option is to read more about birds before you take a trip to their habitat.

Taking notes, pictures and videos will also be a good reference point for further research and making of detailed write up on your experience as first-time bird watchers. The binoculars is another crucial accessory if you want to have a glimpse of all the fine details in birds. You will be amazed on how birds are awesome in their behavior. As a matter of fact, bird watchers say that this is an addictive activity.

Tips for identifying a bird

Expert bird watchers can tell you that it can only take a blink of an eye to identify a bird. This is from the way it sits, flys or the sound it makes. Birds identification is the first step in studying the species which includes the long term observation.

Another helpful tip is that birds are found in their out door and particularly their natural habitat. Many species can share one forest or water body depending on their adaptation to the area and the feeding habits. However, some birds live worlds apart like the penguins of the arctic areas and the desert eagles.

Benefits of bird watching

Bird watching has many benefits to the viewers of all ages including the kids. Some of the best ones include the following;


It is educative – learning about the birds is an endless journey as there are numerous species. One can take the whole life visiting the bird’s fields and never exhaust the options they want to study. Many bird writers still have a lot more they need to know about other birds.

It is fun – bird watching is a whole family fun especially during the summer break.