Unleashing Our Emotional Intelligence


It’s safe to say that most people make their decisions based on their emotions. This is not right because these same people end up regretting when things take a different turn. For this reason, we have to learn to control our emotions so they won’t get the best of us. Our emotional intelligence is tested mostly in our workplaces.

This is where we meet people of all kinds. Others will get on our last nerve and step on our toes. How we react to this kind of treatment is all that matters. We don’t just learn it, and this is something in which we need coaching as well as mentorship. Most of us have heard of workshops where matters such as these are tackled and discussed. Most of them are fun and interactive depending on how they are moderated.

How they work

22jnbkjvnjkbjkOf course, they don’t all function in the same way. Each one of them is operated differently. For example, others will encourage fun and games. On the other hand, others will get straight to the point and tackle the problem as it arises.

Emotional intelligence workshop has become the trend, especially among working-class citizens. Problems at the workplace have become rampant, and all we want is an amicable way to solve them.

Your emotions don’t define you

It’s not right to judge people based on how they handle their emotions. No one has a clue on what exactly they are going through emotionally. We have to cut these people some slack for trying. Dealing with our emotions is never an easy task. It is the exact opposite of easy. This is where the experts come in with their EQ checkups. There is something called emotional quotient. It is the level upon which we set ourselves. This can be done through our reasoning capabilities

Not too many people can reason when their emotions are high. If their EQ is not up to par, they are bound to cause some irreparable damages.

Your leadership skills on trial

Those in some positions of leadership tend to get stressed out more often. This is about their work and what is expected of them. Everything else boils down to how they treat those directly under their leadership. The cycle goes on and on, and some people can’t understand how they got into it.

33vcjdjvgjhHowever, this doesn’t have to be a cycle. We can decide to break it off once and for all. It all begins in our minds. We often pay attention to our mindsets without giving it a second thought. As a result, our emotions get dragged into the whole mess, and we become victims. Getting out of it all is quite a struggle that we need mentorship to come out of it successfully.

Handling stress in a professional way

There comes a time when we are completely helpless in the face of stress. It becomes so intense that we look for safe corners to divert into. Attending workshops and seminars are among the most professional ways to deal with stress.…