Tips On How To Bet Like A Pro

Successful betting veterans have no exceptional prediction powers or hidden secrets; they only engage in value betting. By that, it means getting better than the ‘true’ odds offered on a certain team. For instance, if your objective analysis of a certain game reveals the underdog is posed to receive 3.5 points, but they are at 6.5 point mark, which qualifies as a value-bet proposition regarded as an overlay.


Value betting

sdgdgdfgfdgfdgValue betting is betting while having regarded the risks. The reward must angle in your favor. This often means betting for the underdog team. Many bettors shy away from betting for the underdog teams. Always remember that a fairly poor team that has a big point spread need not win their game, instead, lose by fewer points than that which it is currently receiving. This often happens as the better teams are more focused on winning while reducing their risk of incurring injury.

Oddsmakers are in positions where they issue lines on several games, so they stretch out their resources and remain vulnerable. No matter of expertise can produce perfection. Based on the soft spots, they are quite error-prone, so one should expect the oddsmaker to be human. They might also have ignored key factors on what to base their judgment when predicting the outcome.

Always focus on certain numbers in Football, particularly 3,4,6,7 and 10. Any small change in any of the numbers implies value. This might be a 2pt conversion option chance that might depend on the change you made when changing the line to 7.5 from 6. In Football, most games are decided by small point margins of 2.5 or 3.5, figures which are critical for any smart bettor.

Be Independent

The big teams have many fans and strong public followings. The current or previous year champions always make it to any sporting headline. They might also have a couple of mega stars that led them to that glory.

The bets that give out the best yields are those against these major teams. The oddsmakers usually adjust the line so as to mirror a reflection of the public money and expectation. As a result, the underdog gets a higher point spread than is warranted.

Do not overreact to the last game

gfhfghfghgfhfghfghgfhThe current form of a certain player or team is another point of consideration. Do not affix your judgment to the result of their previous game performance, especially those games where they scored a lot of goals or none at all. In many instances, the scores are not a true reflection of the quality of the performance by the losing or winning team.


Successful gamblers view sports betting as an investment opportunity rather than connecting their emotions and superstitions that might cloud their judgment. Always ask yourself how the sharp bettors made a fortune for themselves in the long run. Anyone can take part in betting, but hardly anyone makes a fortune out of it. If you are one of the faint-hearted, stay away from sports betting. The Goal Profits Review explains more on how to trade on Betfair…