Amazing Health Benefits Associated With Pine Essential Oil

Pine essential oil is known for its powerful health benefits. It has a powerful ability in reducing inflammation, clearing mucus and phlegm, curing skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, fighting viral and fungal infections, stimulating the body and mind, protecting your body and home against germs as well as protecting the body against sinus infections. Its numerous benefits have made this oil to be significant oil in aromatherapy. Its ability to blend well with other oils such as lavandin, sage, rosemary, juniper, labdanum has also made it useful in preparing aromatherapy products. Its low toxicity has made it one of the safest oils for humans. Outlined below are the major health benefits and properties of pine essential oil. Its health benefits are mainly attributed to its analgesic, energizing, aromatic, antiseptic, diuretic and antibacterial properties.

Skin care

This essential oil is useful in treating the different skin conditions. Dermatologists prescribe it in treating eczema, poor skin, sores, fleas, scabies, itching, and psoriasis. Using this oil will give you a smooth, balanced, shiny and renewed skin. Additionally, this oil being a powerful antioxidant is helpful in getting rid of the free radicals which would impact negatively on your skin’s health. The free radicals are known for attacking your healthy skin cells leading to mutation. Mutation of the skin cells can lead to premature wrinkles, ageing, and sagging of the skin. The essential oil obtained from pine is useful in combating these negative effects.

Relieving pain

Its analgesic properties have made it one f the best remedies for individuals suffering from arthritis, joint pain, and rheumatic conditions. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties are helpful in reducing redness and inflammation of the affected areas.


This essential oil has a powerful mesmerizing essence and a sweet aroma. This has made it one of the key ingredients in making scented products and perfumes. You can also use this oil to remove lice from your hair. Pine essential oil is used as both a bathing and massaging oil. This is the main reason why this oil is used in the manufacturing of clean products and soaps.


This oil is used in increasing boosting the level of activities in the body as well as increasing metabolism. Its ability in treating intestinal problems is also beneficial in purifying your body. In addition to that, it has diuretic properties which are helpful in removing excess salts, water, and fats from the body by increasing the quality and frequency of urination. The process of increasing urination is also useful for keeping your kidneys healthy.